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Electric Boilers

Electric boilers, unlike most conventional boilers, use electricity to generate heat. As a result, they are highly efficient and do not require any fossil fuel to run.

In addition, a variety of different electric boilers are available in Edinburgh to suit different requirements. These include System Boilers, Electric Combination boilers, and Flow boilers


Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are heating devices that burn oil in combustion chambers before passing hot gases through heat exchangers to heat water. Once the water is heated, it is pumped throughout your home through radiators, showers, and taps.

These boilers are functionally similar to gas boilers, except they require oil instead of gas. You need to supply oil to these boilers to keep them working. They store fuel in an attached storage tank.


Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are used to provide heating for commercial and residential properties. In these types of boilers, the gas is supplied to the boiler and is then used to heat the water.

Gas and oil boilers work similarly. The only difference is in the type of fuel they use.


LPG Boiler

As evidenced by its name, an LPG boiler makes use of liquid gas. This gas is stored in a tank and then heats the water.


New Boiler Installation

Sometimes the damage is beyond repair, and you have to go for a new boiler.

Our expert boiler engineers in Edinburgh specialise in installing boilers at your place, complying with all safety standards.

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How does it Work?

Step 1 - Contact Us

We have a team of highly qualified Edinburgh boiler engineers whom you can consult today. Simply reach out to us to select a suitable boiler package and a budget-friendly finance plan.

Step 2 - Schedule an Installation date

Once you are satisfied with your choice of boiler and its cost, then we can decide on an installation date that works for you. We’ll be there to deliver our quality customer service at your home.

Step 3 - Get your Boiler Certified

You will receive all your relevant certificates for your new boiler installation or boiler replacement in Edinburgh.

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Whether you live in a small, cosy apartment or a stately house, we are here to meet the needs of every customer. Contact us to install a single boiler or a completely customised linked boiler system with the best boiler replacement costs in Edinburgh.

Installing or repairing a central heating system may sound like a tough job. And it is indeed challenging, but not so much for a team with 25 years of experience.

Buy Your New Boiler on a Budget

With incredible boiler financing packages, you can get your new boiler in Edinburgh today. We have carefully designed a payment plan to suit every customer’s budget and lifestyle.

The boiler installation costs in Edinburgh can easily overwhelm a person. However, the entire boiler installation process can be pretty straightforward with some expert advice.

Can’t Find the Right Boiler?

At Edinburgh Boiler Install, we install only the best, highest-quality boilers for your home. You can select any boiler that fits your needs from our expert’s prepared list, and if you need help choosing, then just let us know!

Not sure of your requirements? Not a problem: you can get a Free Boiler Quote in Edinburgh.

Our professional team can help you find the right boiler installation cost in Edinburgh. And not only that: from buying to installation to service, we will take care of everything!


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Getting a new boiler is not always the right solution to damage.
When possible, fixing your old boiler can:

  • Save time
  • Eliminate the hassle of choosing a new boiler
  • Save money

Can’t figure out what’s wrong with your old boiler? Give us a call to book a survey visit from our fantastic boiler heating engineers in Edinburgh.

What Past Customers Have Said

I would like to take a moment to appreciate their teamwork. Especially when it comes to clearing out my confusion, they are always up to the mark. I had no trouble finding the right boiler for my home.

– Ms Andrey White

You have to try this company. They are so dedicated and punctual, delivering what they promise. I needed a boiler urgently as my daughter came home after a year in London. They helped me as fast as they could. I’m extremely grateful to them.

– Rob Babiey

No one wants to freeze in this cold for even a hot second without hot water. So I called these guys up from Edinburgh Boiler Install, and they were pleased to repair my boiler within no time. Great investment!

– Tom Phillips