“It’s The Neglect of Timely Repair That Makes Rebuilding Necessary” - Unknown

Get your boiler fixed with the help of our highly-skilled professionals and reasonable rates, and enjoy hot water flow all over again! 

When your boiler has been working for years, the chances are that there are some parts in the machinery that are broken or worn down. Those parts need to be repaired in order to bring your boiler back to work and provide adequate heating to your house and water supply.

Some parts in the boiler are more prone to damage than others. Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional as soon as you notice minor damage.

What is Included In A Boiler Repair?

A boiler repair service includes a skilled technician or an engineer who can change or repair the broken or old parts of a boiler. The customer usually has to pay for the price of new parts and the service provided by the professional.

People who don't get routine servicing for their boiler have to pay hefty prices for major boiler repairs. Furthermore, boiler repair also means changing any part of the machine that is out of warranty or outdated.

These repairs are done by highly trained professionals who first run a test on the boiler and then fix everything that needs to be repaired. Whether you have a system, conventional, or combi heater, make sure to book a Boiler Repair Service if you notice any damage in your machine.

How to Know if Your Boiler Needs to be Repaired?

While it is easy to notice if something breaks in your boiler, there are a few other ways to find out if your boiler needs repairing:

If You Experience Strange Noises

Boilers are not supposed to make strange noises so if you notice any unusual sound coming from your boiler, make sure to book a boiler repair service.

If You Smell a Strange Scent

Even though carbon monoxide is an odourless yet lethal gas, carbon dioxide and oil spills can have a strange smell that requires immediate attention, or the results can be deadly.

If Your Notice a Broken Part

This one is a no-brainer. If you find any cracks, holes, or broken parts in your boiler, then you need to consult with a professional to get your boiler fixed.

If There is a Leakage or Blockage

Any leakage or blockage of water or fuel supply also requires professional attention. Thoroughly check your fuel tank and main water supply to understand the problem and book a technician.

Why Is Boiler Repair Necessary?

Yes, repairing your boiler is an absolute necessity. Not only does a broken boiler causes an insufficient water supply, but it can also pose a great risk to your and your family's health.

Plus, neglecting minor repairs will only result in spending more money buying a new boiler. Let us break the reasons down for you:

High Energy Bills

If your boiler keeps working with broken or damaged parts, then it will require more energy to heat the water, hence a massive spike in energy bills.

Expensive Replacements

If you keep ignoring minor repair requirements in your boiler, then chances are you might have to pay for an entirely new heating system.

Costly Fines

If you own the land you live in, or you are a landlord, you might be imposed with hefty fines for operating a faulty gas or oil boiler in your vicinity.

Life Hazzard

Using a broken or faulty boiler can be a life hazard because of gas leaks and oil spills that can cause deadly fires in your house.

How to Choose the Best Boiler Repair Service?

Now that you know why you need to book a boiler repair service, how do you find the best one for your house? Here is what you look for when looking for boiler repair services:

Qualification Matters

Check if the technician or engineer has the required qualification to repair your boiler. The professional should at least have a diploma in heat or gas utilization, domestic plumbing, and heating, or domestic natural gas installation.

Adequate Work Experience

Work experience is equally as important as qualification. The technician should have at least two to three years of experience in properly engineering boilers. You don't want a newbie experimenting with such machinery.

Compare the Cost

Before you hire a professional to repair your boiler, compare the cost of repair with your budget. If the cost is out of your budget, then you can look for more reasonable options.

Check Their Reputation

The reputation of the company also matters when looking for a professional. Before booking for your repair service, make sure to read reviews online and choose the best service according to that.

Active Customer Care Service

Lastly, having a prompt customer care team is one of the most important aspects. You need someone to answer your queries before and after the work is done. A good repair company will never leave their customer's queries unattended.

Why Choose Edinburgh Boiler Install for Your Boiler Repair?

Making sure your boiler has no broken or old parts is important to preserve the quality of your machine and the safety of your family. It is important to book a trusted team of professionals to repair your boiler to avoid further mishaps.

We at Edinburgh Boiler Install have a team of professional technicians that can fix your boiler at a reasonable cost in no time. Here is why you need to book us to repair your boiler:

  • We have highly qualified boiler engineers to monitor and test each part of your boiler.
  • Our technicians and engineers have years worth of experience in the repair industry.
  • They have experience in repairing different brands and types of water boilers.
  • Our professionals are trained to spot even minor disturbances in your machinery.
  • We offer market competitive rates for fixing and re-installing boilers.
  • We provide a guaranteed procedure of getting your boiler to work again within 12 hours.
  • Our services are easy to book, and we assign the best technician or engineer to work on your specific task.
  • We provide an electronic certification to prove that your boiler is ready to work, complying with all the safety standards.

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