Say Hello To The Most Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Boilers

Electric boilers, unlike most conventional boilers, use electricity to generate heat. As a result, they are highly efficient and do not need any fossil fuel to run.

In addition, electric boilers in Edinburgh are available in a variety of iterations to suit different requirements, including System Boilers, Electric Combination boilers, and Flow boilers.

The best thing about electric boilers is that they are cost-efficient. For instance, you pay for 2kW of electricity to receive 2kW of heat.

These are not electric water boilers!

Many people tend to confuse electric boilers with electric water boilers. To clarify, electric water boilers are portable appliances you can use to enjoy a hot cup of tea. In contrast, electric boilers are devices that are vital for your home’s central heating system.

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Advantages of Electric Boiler

Electric boilers are widely popular these days because they are maintenance-free and cost-efficient to install. Moreover, they are safe for the environment and for your home since you don’t have to worry about any gas or oil leakages. Here are some of the many benefits you may get from electric boilers:

  • No need for a separate boiler chimney or a fuel storage tank.
  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free
  • No unique health or safety hazards.
  • Faster steam production
  • Zero emissions
  • Compact size, easy to install where you need to use it.
  • Low maintenance device
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective.

Types of Electric Boilers

If you are looking for a new boiler installation in Edinburgh this year, then you must learn what different types of electric boilers are available on the market. This way, you will be aware of your choices and can make the best decision that fits your needs.

Here are the various types of electric boilers available for installation in Edinburgh:

Electric Combi Boiler

Electric combi boilers are a popular high-demand boiler in the United Kingdom. However, they are mostly recognized as a direct system boiler since they use a single system to provide heat for your home and hot water.

They allow you to instantly control your home temperature, making them an ideal choice for many people.

An electric combi boiler works by heating water on demand. Electric combi boilers are economical to install, so you can relax in your warm cosy home without spending too much money.

In addition, they do not require a separate tank for water storage, as they can be connected directly to the main water supply in your bathroom. This feature is handy for people with small homes or who do not require too much hot water.

However, one downside of the electric combi boiler is that you cannot access hot water in multiple showers at once. Moreover, electric combi boilers are not eligible for the Economy 7 tariff as you cannot store hot water overnight due to the absence of a storage tank.

Electric CPSU

Electric CPSU boilers are great for you if your house requires a lot of hot water running in multiple showers. Despite the high demand for hot water, the combined primary storage units can work relatively fast because they store a significant amount of water in storage tanks.

In addition, with different models, the electric CPSU can offer high water pressure.

These boilers are most commonly used in commercial buildings such as hotels.

Dry Core Storage Boiler

These boilers are pretty similar to electric storage boilers. In addition, dry core storage boilers are eligible for Economy 7 tariffs since they can work overnight.

A great feature of these boilers is that they can heat your home while working all night. They heat the bricks of your house and use them to transfer energy to your water tank. They are great for electric central heating in Edinburgh.

However, they work differently from combi boilers as they cannot circulate heat throughout your house.

Storage Boiler

Electric storage boilers are one of the eligible boilers for the Economy 7 tariff. As the name indicates, electric storage boilers come with a storage tank for hot water.

One good thing about storage boilers is that they help you reduce your water bills. However, they can be expensive to use as compared to electric combi boilers.

Solar Compatible Boilers

Solar compatible boilers can be easily connected to solar panels as they come with an immersion heater. They use daylight to heat your home and water, making them an ideal energy-efficient and eco-friendly boiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric boilers are devices that can heat your home and supply you with hot water. Instead of burning fossil fuels such as oil or gas, they use electricity to operate.

Yes, electric boilers are eco-friendly since they can run on electricity generated from renewable resources. Moreover, they are highly efficient since they do not waste electricity.

Yes – electricity is more expensive than fossil energy from oil or gas. This is because gas can produce 1kW energy in an hour more cheaply than electricity.

To install an electric boiler replacing a gas boiler, you must hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to complete the installation process.

Electric boilers are 100% energy efficient. This means that their output is equal to their input.

You heard right: the government has announced a ban on new homes installing any gas boilers in an attempt to reduce Britain’s annual carbon emissions. Homeowners have been advised to install low-carbon emission alternatives instead.

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  • Electric boilers save space, energy, and time.
  • You do not need any gas supply to run an electric boiler.
  • They produce zero carbon emissions.
  • They are usually quiet and produce low noise.